Sunday, July 29, 2012

:::Thoughts In My Head Today:::

:::Everything in life takes so much tiiiiime.
:::Am I a good example of anything?
:::We sang Called to Serve in Primary today. This line stuck in my head, "Chosen e'er to witness for His name."
:::I've turned the air conditioning down/off to cut down on my expenses. I'm doing alright, considering it's been 105-ish+ for days.
:::Texas has delicious peaches. I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on some tonight for dinner, and it made them worse. Worse! The peaches are so delicious they make cinnamon and sugar taste disgusting.
:::I need a new job.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

:::They Fry the Pie:::

My trip to the peach orchard out in the wilds of Texas (not really). There was a line to get in! The ice cream was deloyshuss, completely deloyshuss. The fried pie...sigh. 

I love you, fried pie. I love you.