Thursday, October 2, 2014

:::A Better Sense of Judgment:::

"It got up and ran away. Seemed uninjured and old," she wished she had known before she spoke with two 911 operators and an animal control officer whom she also texted several photos to. Twice did she think she saw the dog stop breathing, and twice did she call her friend in a panic. Late was she to her church training meeting because she spent 15 minutes singing I Am a Child of God and Families Can Be Together Forever to a dog she was sure had been hit by a car and was about to go to Glory. Only once did she text the animal control officer the next day to learn the fate of said dog, but many times since has she felt like a fool. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

:::My Idea for Relief Society:::

Why don't we ever bring meals to single sisters? I say never, basing this off my own experiences. If you've ever been in a non-singles ward that has coordinated meals for single, not widowed, no children, working women, I'd love to hear about your experience. 

I've walked through many stressful, frustrating, and fearful times in the workforce. Knowing that someone else would be bringing me dinner would have been amazing. I would have felt remembered and loved by the Relief Society sisters and the Lord, and encouraged by the outreach. Cooking can be a great stress relief, but it can also be the last thing you want to deal with while handling the stress and anxiety of life situations. 

Sometimes we even coordinate cleaning for women with sick children, who are preparing for a move, or who just need an extra hand. I can testify to you that even one person in an apartment could use this type of assistance during times of trouble. 

It's just something I've always wondered. As a whole I think we are uneven in our compassionate service. Myself included. Have I ever tried to coordinate meals for a single sister? Nope. And I'm one of them!

This post isn't meant to be a condemnation. I really have wondered about this, and wondered why even I myself am blind to the needs of single sisters. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

:::Labor Day:::

Enter quip about laboring on Labor Day. Today I'm stuck inside working on my resume for a position that just opened at work. I hate resumes, but watch me spin this in a positive way - I'm grateful I have job experience, and a shot at a position that I'm interested in. I win. 

Look at the outside. I want to go there. It's in the 80s now, but will be in the high 90s by the afternoon. Alas. 

Also, I bought some bootleg black grapes from the Asian market. One, they are seeded. Two, they burn my lips if I eat more than seven of them. I'm going to give them to my Primary children next week. Ha, ha! J/K. But the thought does makes me LOL IRL. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

:::I'm Tops:::

Yesterday we had a work activity at this place called Top Golf. It's what I think they call a golfing 'experience'. I love an experience! You know that about me!

Anyhow, the venue is a three-tiered building with open air platforms that you take shots off of. There are targets out on the green and microchips in the balls and blah, blah, blah, you get points for hitting targets. Our Director announced that whoever got the highest score out of the men and women would win an extra PTO day. Bless sexism! The highest male score to win was over 180. I took the female win at...60. 

Here's a picture of me shooting up a mini donut with Bavarian cream. You know, I'm always disappointed with those mini donuts every time I have them. They never actually taste like donuts, do they? Just over-fried cinnamon sugar balls. I mean, I ate three, but whatever. 

I'm trying to blog again. That explains this post. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

:::Sick Day, August 22nd, 2014:::

Ailment: Cold? Respiratory infection? Flu?
Strength: Mild-ish

Work Hours Missed: 12

Entertainment: So, so much Magnum, PI.  Do you know what's funny? So much time has passed since my last time in Hawaii that the Oahu in the show would probably be more familiar to me than modern Oahu. I'm gonna sell some platelets and head back. 

Food of Choice: I love ramen forever. Don't hate. I toss out the flavor packet and use chicken broth. Then I like to add bean sprouts, jalapeƱos, chili garlic sauce, lime, radishes, red onion, garlic (yes, more), ginger, and an egg. So good. 

Outings: Costco. Wal-Mart. 

What I'm Missing Out On: My shift at the temple tomorrow morning. :( 

Depression Levels Due To Isolation: Medium. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

:::It's Not Much, But...:::

Spring cleaning continues. Less hot and more hot (seasons mean nothing here) clothes sorted, swapped, and moved from that now empty space which they used to inhabit on the floor. 

Also, that box fan? I took it apart myself and washed each part. I'm probably way too proud of myself for that. 

But seriously though. Look at that fan!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

:::Spring Cleaning:::

It gets worse, so much worse, before it gets better, doesn't it? 

This is my new favorite Method spray - Clementine. I love citrus scents! They are the only scents I can handle. Anything else makes me feel like I can't breathe or smells like cut grass and weeds to me. Lavender, basil, verbena...

My goal this year is to use up/donate the majority of my craft materials and only be left with tools. I'm also hoping to get rid of most of my books. Do you like to keep books at home? I don't, really. I know that makes me sound like a complete dimwit, but I've found that owning books doesn't do much for me. I'd rather get them from the library and ditch them when I'm done with them. I'm so cold hearted!

Well, I'm procrastinating, which was probably obvious. 

Onward and upward.