Sunday, March 13, 2016

:::"O woman, great is thy faith"

In preparation for Easter I'm trying to read the Gospels. I'm only a few chapters into Matthew, but I've already been touched by a simple truth about Jesus's ministry - He was always helping people, and specifically, healing people. In just a few short chapters detailing the beginning of His mortal ministry, Christ took the time to heal people suffering from all manner of afflictions. He asked that these people be brought to Him, He allowed these people to approach Him, and He answered the fervent requests of those who sought Him on behalf of those who needed His healing. 

Never before has the reality of Christ's healing ministry touched me so deeply. Healing the temporal afflictions of His people was clearly a high priority for the Lord, something He cared about, something He placed importance on, and something He undoubtedly enjoyed doing. 

Sometimes when I have a realization moment about Christ I'm just struck by how very good He was. What an awesome, compassionate, in touch Lord we have. 

The relevance this truth has to me is that I am beginning to build stronger faith that one day the Lord will heal my afflictions. He won't just lift my burdens, as that is the promise for mortality. At some future day I will see the Lord, and He will heal me of "every sickness and every disease (Matthew 9:35)." The older I get the more and more I struggle with depression, which I had not anticipated. I have found some peace recently in remembering that depression is a disease, a medical condition, and not an assessment of my character. And just as Jesus healed the man with the withered hand, cast out devils, and made the lame to walk, one day I will be called to Him and with the same love and compassion that He showed the people of ancient times, He will heal me. He will heal me completely, leaving no weakness or affliction behind. 

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Jill said...

I hear you on this and look forward to the day when I am completely whole and free of these issues.