Sunday, November 7, 2010


I am thankful that the parents of our nursery children take the time to thank us for our service. It is quite a bit of work, and we're always wondering if we're doing enough, or making any lasting difference in their lives.

It makes me particularly happy when they let me know that their children talk about nursery all week long in a positive way. Imagine that! One mother took her daughter to an art class near our chapel this week, and when they passed the church the little girl said, 'I want to go to nursery!' When they were done with the class, she said, 'Mom, I just want to to go nursery,' in a 'That was nice, but let's stick with what works' sort of way.

Today one of our regulars didn't show up to class. During the last half hour of church he busted into the room with the biggest smile on his face. We were so excited to see him, and all the kids cheered when he ran in, but a minute later his mom came rushing after him. It turns out he had a runny nose, so she was keeping him out. When she lead him away his little face twisted up and he started wailing. So sad, but it made me happy because he used to hate coming into class each week.

Then we had another parent come and pull out his daughter because she had been coughing, and she cried as well.

Then another little girl cried because her family had to leave early. She used to have zero tolerance for nursery and her mom had to stay in with her every week for both hours. Sometimes she wouldn't come at all. Now she runs in each week talking and smiling and has no problems at all.

It's so nice to see the children enjoying church, and we really are boosted by the appreciation of the parents. I love watching the children grow. I remember when some of our kids were born, so I've seen them develop and change over time. I love that.

One last story. I was sitting in the foyer before church, and one of my little boys was out there with his grandpa. When he saw me he pointed at me and said, 'Dats my nurswy techer.' Oh man, it makes me feel so good when they remember who I am!

I've been in nursery for two years now, and I hope I have at least two more years ahead of me. I love all my little nut job nursery kids. Serving in Primary is the most honest work I do all week.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you like serving in the nursery, and I'm really glad you had all those cute experiences with the kids.

Nursery is a crucial calling, but so many people don't see the importance of it. I am so grateful for those who serve in there willingly and do a great job. We currently have a fabulous nursery leader and several other workers who love it and have requested to stay in there longer, and that just does my heart good.

michelle said...

This is so great, Rebekah! I don't know anyone who has served in nursery for two years and hopes for two more. Sounds like they have the right person for the job!

I had a realization yesterday: I think I am better with the younger kids than the older ones. I never would have guessed.

Sheans said...

I wish you lived here. Deacon would totally go to nursery if he had you as his leader. His leader now is a bit of a psychopath.... and I say that with lots of Christ-like love in my heart. We could really use someone who knows how important nursery is and how much it means to those little guys.

Also, I think Primary is fantastic too. I'd cry if they ever released me out of Primary. I love being around all the crazy kids.

Sharla said...

Can I just share my appreciation? Nursery leaders are my heroes, and provide the sweetest service out of anyone in the church. When those littles are about 16 months, and running laps around the church building for the whole three hours, church really, really just seems like a sad, close-to-tears exercise in futility. And then, when a few weeks later, someone lovingly cares for your little one while you catch your first Relief Society lesson in who knows how long, it is like sunshine through storm clouds. You're the best.

annette said...

You are in the right place at the right time. I love little people!

Sarah said...

best calling ever

Whitney said...

i am catching up on your blog and you are awesome. im in the primary pres. and the nursery leaders are angels.

Whitney said...

i am catching up on your blog and you are awesome. im in the primary pres. and the nursery leaders are angels.