Thursday, March 24, 2011

:::Spring Planting:::

I decided to start some seeds this year so I could have a garden. Seeds are so much cheaper than plants, and planting seeds lets you in on the magic of watching something grow and come alive.

The most exciting part is when the first green buds peak out of the dirt.

It's so fun to search the dirt each night and each morning tiny for specks of green.

I planted lettuce for micro and baby greens, a tiny pot of marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, and poppies.
I also started some tomatoes and flat-leaf parsley, but nothing sprouted by the time everything else was up so I dumped all the dirt into a pile. I decided that the seeds could grow there if they felt so inclined. I call it Redemption Heap -- their last chance to cooperate in my survival-of-the-fittest garden.

On Sunday I planted another round of the same seeds, plus spinach and peppers.

The exciting news of this week is that the first true leaves are starting to sprout!


Isn't that first plant with the brown husk interesting? That shell is actually the seed that I put in the dirt. It's like the plant grows backwards at first. The first cotyledons slowly slips out of the shell, then the husk clings on to the remaining cotyledon until it is finally flung off. I wish I could tell you with certainty which flower it is (cosmos?), but I don't label anything when I plant. I think it make things more interesting and exciting later on.

By far, the flowers are growing much more quickly than the vegetables. And guess what? I just placed a big seed order. Striped beets and purple carrots are on their way.


annette said...

Wow! This is all very exciting. Are you doing some square foot gardening on your patio? And does the landlord know? Better yet, do the people below you know? I love Spring!

michelle said...

It is definitely exciting to watch seeds grow. And I am totally laughing about Redemption Heap. Awesome.

Rachel said...

How delightful!

I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a blog entry I read recently about growing dirt-free lentil and/or wheat grass, but alas, it's lost in the blogosphere. It looked cool, though. :)

Jill said...

I have never planted seeds indoors but really should because we have window sills that could accommodate little planters well.

I hope you'll keep posting the progress.

michelle said...

I'm so curious to know if anything came of Redemption Heap.