Thursday, August 8, 2013

:::I'm Slow:::

Some notes on the frantic pace I feel I should be moving at:

• It is not for me. 
• It will never make me happy. 
• I will never be able to do enough to be able to rest. 
• It's not supported by the Spirit. 
• When I worry about keeping up with a frantic pace I get so worked up that my anxiety paralyzes me. Moving slower than molasses in January is better than not moving at all. 
• The Lord is legit just asking me to be myself. And myself is slow. Really slow. I wrote a résumé last week. After many days of rest and doing other things, I'm working on a cover letter this week. It's fine. The Lord is capable of ensuring that the things that need to happen for me will happen for me. 

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Jill said...

Well said my friend and hooray for posting!