Monday, September 1, 2014

:::Labor Day:::

Enter quip about laboring on Labor Day. Today I'm stuck inside working on my resume for a position that just opened at work. I hate resumes, but watch me spin this in a positive way - I'm grateful I have job experience, and a shot at a position that I'm interested in. I win. 

Look at the outside. I want to go there. It's in the 80s now, but will be in the high 90s by the afternoon. Alas. 

Also, I bought some bootleg black grapes from the Asian market. One, they are seeded. Two, they burn my lips if I eat more than seven of them. I'm going to give them to my Primary children next week. Ha, ha! J/K. But the thought does makes me LOL IRL. 


Jill said...

Way to be responsible! I know I would have opted for cooler temperatures outdoors and an air conditioned resume (or nap) later. Good luck!

Bootleg black grapes? What the?!

scrambled brains said...

Good luck to you, Rebekizzle! Bewareful of black market anything.