Tuesday, January 6, 2015

:::Cat Life:::

I'm currently watching my new cat, Hercule Poirot, try to hunt birds on a YouTube video made especially for cats. And he just somehow restarted it with his paws. 

I keep thinking to myself, 'Rebekah, you shouldn't be so tickled by this.'

But, you know, we've each got to find our happy place, am I right?


Jill said...

Cats are delightful, of course you should be tickled by this!

Tracy said...

Um. I can't tell if these comments are going through.

Just in case(feel free to delete)
I found your blog in an old email.
How are you! It has been so long since I have heard from you. I hope you are doing well! :)

Tracy/ tallenngu
Email- tallenngu@gmail.com