Saturday, August 28, 2010

:::Summer 2010, Cooking::::

This summer, I started cooking again for the first time in two years. It's gone in fits and starts, but I (think?) I'm getting the hang of it again.

1. Sauteed zucchini
2. Watermelon
3. Frozen Cinnamon Life with banana (deliciously refreshing)
4. Penne Bolognese
5. Biscuits and Rainier cherries (a summer obsession this year)
6. Egg, tomato, and turkey bacon sandwich
7. Frozen green grapes (frozen black grapes = crazy delicious)
8. Rigatoni with grape tomatoes, spinach, feta, and balsamic vinegar
9. Flat leaf parsley
10. Old school iceberg salad
11. Banana cream pie pancakes
12. Shells Bolognese with tomatoes and Parmesan
13. Ditalini with flat leaf pasta, lemon, and Parmesan
14. Oven made toast (no toaster at the mo)
15. Strawberries
16. Tacos with sharp, white cheddar
17. Homemade beans
18. Lentil and (sweet) potato curry
19. Cherries
20. Tomato and spinach scrambled eggs with olive oil fried rustic bread
21. Sauteed cabbage
22. Tomatoes as grill press
23. Rinsed beans
24. Grating cucumbers for tzatziki
25. Grilled tomato cheese on French bread


Jill said...

I'm seriously impressed! My "cooking" is more like assembling or heating.

michelle said...

what an amazing assemblage of photos! My mouth is watering.

MBC said...

I want to live at your house so I can get in on the good food action.