Thursday, October 28, 2010

:::I Live On the Hell Mouth:::

Today is the 28th of October, 2010.

We are 36 days into Fall.

There are 28 days until Thanksgiving, two months until Christmas. 
It is 80 degrees outside.

The humidity was in the 90s this week.

It's been like this for most of the month.

And drum roll please...
They turned off the air conditioning three weeks ago. 


I don't believe in cold anymore. I don't believe that it was ever cold here, or that it will ever be cold again.


Jill said...

Oh man, no air conditioning in these temperatures, I'd be a wreck!

It's funny how you can't imagine it being cold when it's hot like this, but I remember you being buried in last winter oh so well. I'm sure it will be cold soon enough and then you'll be wishing for warmth. My body has been trying to adjust to these colder temperatures and it's not going very well.

michelle said...

Oh dear, do they turn off the A/C according to the date, not according to the weather?! I would not fare well with that.

I know what you mean about not being able to remember or imagine the cold. I do the same thing, and in the middle of winter I can't imagine what summer feels like at all. Personally, I'd rather be cold than hot!

annette said...

We are in just the opposite situation, but I know what you mean. A few days ago when I left for work the skies were a beautiful blue, no dew on the grass and I could feel the sun. I almost said to myself, "Wow, summer is almost here." That tells you the kind of summer we had NONE.

But, I would definitely rather be cold than hot. I am praying for cold temps for you.

Sarah said...

I dont understand why they go by date and not temperature! Are they really too busy to notice the daily temps and make an educated decision?