Wednesday, April 13, 2011

:::12 on the 12th -- April 2011:::

1. I've been really lazy lately about making my bed in the morning. I usually end up making it when I come home because it makes me feel more tidy that way.
2. After all of these years, I went back to Shroom. The MAC guy talked me into one more eye shadow plus a base.
3. There is a courtyard between our building and a church next door. At lunch I sat out there to enjoy the Spring weather, which I don't often do because the area is usually over run with smokers. The benches were all wet, but I hoard napkins so I was able to dry one off.
4. One of the attorneys walked past me while I was sitting out there and pretended like she didn't know me. Happens all the time. It's especially awkward when you're passing them in the halls inside the office.
5. My stomach has been weird lately, and all I could imagine eating for lunch was a chocolate shake.
6. There is a large South American organization near us with a good number of staffers who like to jog shirtless on their lunch hour. Very into peacocking, they are. Turns out the security guard in our lobby saw me taking that picture. Awesome.
7. Can't wait to show you what this bad boy is. I was so afraid these weren't going to germinate.
8. Baseball season has started. Crowded metro = bad. Friday home game fireworks = sweet.
9. Dyed Easter eggs. Still sitting on their drying apparatus. We'll see if I actually end up doing anything with them.
10. Pepperoni bread. Great nutrition day.
11. I'm on a knitting hiatus at the moment, but last night I was able to force myself to knit about 12 stitches. Go big or go home.
12. A bootleg evening of mystery with pale, skinny, White boy #1 (on the right). Good shoes, nice coat, and a swagger. Love it.

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michelle said...

Go big or go home. I love it. I have many a knitting session where I can only do a row or 2.

Totally cracking up over the security guard seeing you snap photos of shirtless men.