Monday, August 22, 2011

:::Doubt Enters In:::

Last night I cried for the first time about leaving DC.

My sister told me that they read out my name in her Texas ward yesterday at church. I quickly logged on to and found that it was true -- my records had left the Capitol Hill Ward.

I cried. I'm crying now.

I want to go back. This limbo state is killing me.


lelly said...

thinking of you!!! xoxox

Jill said...

Let it all out, maybe go for a long, sobbing walk and then come back, say a long prayer and move forward in faith! I'm thinking of you and praying for you!!

Kim Sue said...

Came over to visit after checking in with Jill and meeting you at CF. I'm sorry I'm meeting you on a day that includes tears...change, no matter what, is tough. Nice to meet you and look forwarding to coming back and visiting on a day full of smiles!

michelle said...

Oh, sad. I think any big change requires a grieving period, even if it is a good change and/or one that you wanted to make.

Being in limbo is one of the most difficult places to be in this life, but you will make it through! Courage take, for goodness sake! (ha. Do you know that reference?)

p.s. I looked for you on Pinterest but couldn't find you. But if you click over from the button on my blog, then you'll find me and then we can be Pinterest buddies!!

Sarah C. said...

Let me know when you get to Dallas! We're all here waiting for you!