Sunday, September 11, 2011

Utah: Part Two

On my first full day in Utah, Heidi had big plans for us -- a bike ride, lunch, and two hours of volunteering at Pioneer Book.

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The mountains!

After some fits and starts to begin with, I was finally on my way bike-wise. It was hard, and we had to take various breaks for my sake...

but we finally made it to the Thai restaurant that we planned to have lunch at.

If you volunteer two hours of times at Pioneer Book (a used book store), you get a $20 credit towards a purchase there.

They had us organizing books in the Western section. Yeehaw!

The ride home was easier on the legs, but harder on the seat. Ow.

It was blazing hot.

I love a bike with a basket on it.


So hot.

But I kept going because I'm awe-some.

This may be my favorite photo of the whole trip. I love all of the mini-orchards throughout Utah neighborhoods.

We road past Heidi's favorite house. 

I love this photo for some reason. I think it captures the spirit of bike riding.

Mini orchard and these lot-size gardens everywhere. I love that about Utah.

I couldn't have made this ride without Heidi. She is one of those friends that you would were a bathing suit in front of without feeling judged, which is why I felt comfortable hoisting my big behind up on a bike in front of her.

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michelle said...

I never knew that about Pioneer Book!

I too love the little mini orchards.

I am always surprised by how much my behind hurts after I ride a bike... you'd think I'd be set with all the extra padding!