Saturday, February 25, 2012


Apparently there hasn't been much of a winter here this year. Seems to be that way in many places.

It's been unseasonably warm lately, which has, in turn, thrown nature out of whack. It's the end of February, and the flowering trees are already blooming!

I took those photos yesterday morning. Today the tree looks like this --

I was going to do a balcony garden again this year, but with this sudden onset of Spring, I'm afraid I might have missed my window of opportunity! Ha, ha.

I wonder how the trees on the Tidal Basin are doing?


Jill said...

But you're in Texas right? I tend to think of them as not having a real winter.

In Utah, we really haven't had one, it has felt like an early spring for months! I've got daffodil leaves popping out of the ground already!

michelle said...

It's crazy here! No real winter to speak of this year. Our poor trees will probably flower and then get snow dumped on them in the spring...