Sunday, December 16, 2012

:::Cool Kidz Club:::

:::Yesterday I bought boxes and boxes of old Christmas balls at Salvation Army for .50 cents a box. I've never had a fully decorated tree before, and thought it would take me years to build up a collection. Huzzah!

:::I had a phone upgrade available that I'd been sitting on since June, so yesterday I joined the 21st Century and got an iPhone. Yeah, I'm pretty cool now.

:::Yesterday I also bought a second Christmas tree for my balcony. Merp.

:::if you send me a text message, I'll be responding from my iPhone 5.

:::If you call me, I'll be accepting the call from my iPhone 5.

:::Please let me know how often you'd like to receive selfies from me.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Score on the ornaments and the iPhone!! I've still got the 3 but love it. Randy is due for an upgrade from his flip phone (!) so he'll end up with mine and I'll get a 5, woohoo!