Wednesday, June 17, 2009

:::adult behavior:::

in between the more exciting things that happened to me last week, i went to my first professional conference as a full-blown adult. watch out world.

{during my cab ride in the wee smalls}

the annual conference of the special libraries association was in dc this year at the brand new convention center near chinatown. though the decor was standard conference center bland, the gigantic scale of everything made me feel like i was an ant inside the astrodome.

these are only four of the 8 or 16 (i forgot) escalators that you see as soon as you walk in the front door. the place is huge, with additional conference space across the street that is connected by an overhead walkway.

since my class was on the saturday (ovah-time!) before things officially kicked off, there weren't many sessions being offered, and because of that, we weren't taking up much space. the endocrine society was having their annual meeting as well -- endo09. so clever, those endocrinologists are.

i saw a huge banner for one of our clients, and a program schedule with a picture of someone that i recognized right away as current fda commissioner margaret hamburg. i felt jazzed that i knew who she was, but it was also one of those moments when you realize how adult-ish you've become. why do i know this stuff? why, why, why?

the class, in general, was mostly over my head and not what i expected. however, it was an eye opener. though we aren't really employing any practices that require these techniques in our library, maybe we should be. actually, we probably should be, but things are pretty low-tech in my library, and, well...who knows. i walk in darkness most of the time.

at lunch time i learned that a box lunch was part of our registration fee. hurrah! i loved box lunches, i really do. they're like little noontime care packages. i took the soda because it was there, even though i don't like soda. i regretted it the entire time i was drinking my way through the can. waste not want not. poor choices, the inebility to stop myself, regrets -- that pretty much explains my eating habits.

after eating i took some time to wander around the facilities. though the decor in general was fairly sterile, there were some very interesting art pieces hung throughout the convention center. as far as i could tell, most of them were on the subject of minority groups, which i thought was a nice nod to the long time residents of dc and the neighborhood the convention center is in.

as far as i can tell, however, there isn't a large native population here, so maybe the art work was about america's minority groups and not just dc's. either way, this was my absolute favorite piece in the whole center.

since the plaquard with the artist's name and information was completely worn out, i couldn't get more information about this piece. it's either depicting the current location of native tribes, the original location of native tribes, or the location of current reservations. i really wish i knew more about this piece. i showed a picture of it to my mom, and she thinks the idea is that the map has been faded out with tears. oh, my native people. can you see eastern cherokee? those are my people.

after lunch it was back to work for more lessons and exercises that were far beyond my comprehension. this was my favorite slide of all because it's almost completely indecernable to me at this point. i'm not entirely sure what a filing indicator is, but i promise that i'll NEVER USE ONE!

we finally finished right on the nose at 5 pm, and i swiftly left the conference center and hopped in another cab to go home. all in all, it was a very informative and revealing day with the added benefits of meeting new people, exchanging business cards, and a free conference tote. the whole day was worth it just for the conference tote. swag. i'm a sucker for it.


MBC said...

I love library swag. I always use my conference bags for grocery shopping. And just by the by, a filing indicator is a number on the 245 (title) line of the MARC record that indicates how many spaces to skip if there's an initial article at the beginning of the title.

mom said...

I am glad you documented your first step into adulthood. I don't believe it is your "first" step, just another slippery stone across the creek. You got a box lunch and a tote. As long as you have food and something to carry your stuff in, you can make the journey.

I have no professional advice. I just check my books out of the city library and they are already numbered, cataloged and whatever else real librarians do to them.

rebekah said...

mbc, that actually made sense to me! leaps and bounds! leaps and bounds!

emilysuze said...

You are such an adult!

For some reason, riding in a cab all by yourself seems so grown up. I've never ridden in a cab all by myself and it scares me a little bit...I'm weird, I know.

And who doesn't love box lunches and free bags? Total score!

michelle said...

I'm giggling over the clever endocrinologists. And the noontime care package! Fun.

aunti said...

a foreign language! libraries! aren't they just for the summer reading program?

Sarah said...

HA HA HA - Aunti, that was funny!

I love box lunches, too!