Tuesday, June 2, 2009

:::$1 face candy:::

a few months ago i bought $75 worth of makeup from e.l.f. (<----do i do a double period there?) gone are my days of MAC and bobbi brown. sister has student loans to pay back. if you do the math, that means i bought 75 individual makeup items. 7-5. why? because i'm friends with a shopping connoisseur who laughs in the face of paid shipping, and $75 was the amount i needed to spend to get free shipping. i wanted to make her proud. it's a bargain, really.
when the makeup came, it sat in the box for at least a month before i opened even a single package. it was just too overwhelming, and i had no idea where i was going to store 75 pieces of makeup.

luckily, a couple of months later, i came across this gorgeous paisley desk organizer at marshalls. now my makeup collection happily resides in organized splendor on my nightstand.

i must admit that having so many choices has made my makeup routine enjoyable again.

every day i stand over my tray of colors and decide what i want to paint with.

old pictures, camera still not fixed.


Sheans said...

Just looking at your makeup makes me happy. Luckyyyyyyyy.

emilysuze said...

Woooooowwwwww. You're such a savvy shopper and you also have such awesome make-up choices! Jealous!

mom said...

75?????? I expect some donations and expert advice when I get there.
I was so excited because I thought your camera was fixed.


scrambled brains said...

That looks fabulous--your making even my plain, paint-free face yearn for some decoration. Nice!

michelle said...

WOW! I have long wanted to order something from them, but I just haven't done it. How do you like the quality?

aunti said...

beautiful......sorry about the camera.