Tuesday, June 16, 2009

:::radio silence:::

well, i now know that one week without air conditioning and two without a camera bring my creative productivity to a screeching halt. during this sweltering interim i sat under fans and thought about life, mourned all the photos i wasn't taking, thought some more about life, bought more fans, bippitty boppitty boo...the air is back on and my camera now works.

my last intended post was about this -- memorial day.

i walked down to the mall

i saw a giant flag between two firetruck ladders.

i went to natural history.

i saw tvs in the ground.

even caveman footprints.

these guys are awesome.

i made cards for the troops because ali edwards told me to.

be back soon.


Sheans said...

i'm so glad you posted again.

also, i love your photography. seriously i think you missed your calling in life. you should look into it. really.

michelle said...

Wonderful photos!!

scrambled brains said...

Thanks Faye!!
Love your "Buddy" (my name for 6 months until you finally knew it)

Sarah said...

tv's on the ground! too fun!