Friday, January 1, 2010

:::$39.99, Are You Out of Your Mind?:::

{If you have parents from the South, no doubt you were guilted into eating some of these today}

This morning at breakfast, Shorty and I realized that we both missed the clock striking twelve last night. I was busy trying to figure out how to defragment my laptop, and she was online furiously spending the rest of her FSA money. Ha.

I went out to Marshall's today in Pentagon City to do some, ahem, Christmas shopping. I just love these types of stores. I spent a good little while finding little gifts for some of the people at the house, etc., and just perusing the shelves.

I noticed that they had a lot of monogrammed items out. Too bad 'R' doesn't make a good monogram. It's too unbalanced, I think, and made of too many little pieces.

The pillow aisle is always like a cave. I spent some time snuggling with the silkiest pillow in all creation, but I put it back because it was $39.00!!! That's a little steep for a Marshall's pillow, friends.

After spending some time in Border's looking for a Christian romance novel (don't ask), I staggered home be-headached and be-hungered. I decided to treat myself to a New Year's Day pizza feast (I like giving mundane things special names), and now I'm putzing around and watching Murder, She Wrote on Netflix.

I feel like tomorrow should be Sunday, so I'm very excited to have an extra free-for-all weekend day!


emilysuze said...

I miss having a Marshall's around. All we have is TJ Maxx and Ross and those two places just aren't the same.

P.S. I grew up in the South and didn't learn about black eyed peas being good luck until I went to BYU. Weird, right?

Jill said...

I have to keep asking what day it is because every day feels like Saturday so I keep thinking the next day is going to be Sunday, ugh.

I think the scripty "R" on the towel isn't so cute, but the "R" on the mug is alright. I sometimes have issues with monograms of the letter "J" because depending on the font it sometimes isn't cute.

What is up with watching Murder, She Wrote?

michelle said...

I disagree, I think R monograms are cute!! I embrace (almost) all monograms. It depends on the font for any letter, really.

I love love love Marshall's and am sad that we don't have one around here.

I kept thinking today was Saturday, too -- yay, another one!

scrambled brains said...

I don't like personalized lettering either. I had an awful experience in middle school with a sweatshirt I custom designed and it has ruined me forever. I have never been to a Marshall's, although I think there is one near 72nd South, still kinda out of the way. What's the thrift store situation like in D.C.?

rebekah said...

I don't really think we have a lot of thrift stores in the district proper. And since I don't have a car, the world beyond the metro is a mystery to me. Doobee doo doo, doobee doo doo...

Sarah said...

I keep thinking that the next day is Sunday, too! I told Don last night that next Saturday, I'm going to be REALLY bummed to realize that the next day really IS Sunday.

Rachel and Jeremy said...

1. R monograms are the epitome of class.
2. I ate black eyed peas on the 1st. I'd never heard of it before, despite my years in Jeremy's family, who lived for many years in the south. I thought they were good, but I like me some beans.