Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Everyone hates going to the CVS near my office because it's ghetto and the customer service stinks (shocker). But guess what? They just remodeled it! Wowee!

Check out those windows! They stretch across the entire storefront!

And the new, snazzy self-checkout area!

It's so clean and bright now!

Ok, and now for the really exciting part, we got new baskets as well! Let's look at the new handle. Instead of two in the middle, there's just one. And the basket itself is so much bigger.

But what's the deal with that long handle? Am I actually supposed to drag my cart on the floor? Yeah, like that's a good id...Holy hell!

There are wheels on the bottom! WHEELS!

It's like a little mini shopping cart for city people! Oh my goodness, oh my GOODness!

Best day! Best day ever!


lelly said...

LOVE this post!! so cute.

you city people have got it made :)

michelle said...

Adorable. I love your excitement!

Jill said...

Woohoo for you!!

Sarah said...

Wow. That cart thingie is cool. My kids would LOVE to use it!