Friday, January 29, 2010

:::Snapshots -- It Be Friday, January 29, 2010:::

Things I Like

1. Reading next to an open window on the bus. Fresh air!

2. This bilingual stamp label with the motto of Canada Post -- "From anyone"

3. Craisins in oatmeal. It be crazy delicious. When folded into hot oatmeal and left to sit for a minute or two, they plump up into succulent bits of stewed fruit.


scrambled brains said...

Amen to that oatmeal! Is it steel cut? Jamba Juice has $1 oatmeal on wednesdays--you can get all different toppings. SOOOOO yummy :). Can't wait to be Thelma to your Louise.

michelle said...

I enjoy all of these things as well!

Jill said...

I always like seeing snapshots from your life!

mom said...

I want the oatmeal!