Saturday, May 15, 2010

:::The Library/Homeless Shelter:::

Today I went to the library to get my DVDs unlocked, and I saw some interesting things.

1. A book on hold under my oldest sister's name. I wondered if I could tell if my Sarah and this other Sarah had anything in common based on what sort of book it was.

Oh, brother.

2. I saw this book cover...

that looks a heck of a lot like this book cover...

3. I turned into a row of books and thought I saw a picture of myself on one of the shelves.


Weird, weird, weird.

4. This book...

which is the sequel to the much more incendiary, 'There Are No Gays in Iran.'

The End


Sheans said...

that picture is eerie.

and you are hilarious.

Jill said...

Those book covers are way too similar.

That's too weird about the photo on the book shelf, why was that there anyway? That would have freaked me out.

Sarah said...

there is no genius I'm trying to unlock. none at all.

michelle said...

Hilarious. And that cover is SO similar to Calpurnia Tate! That can't be accidental, can it?