Wednesday, May 5, 2010

:::Lost Musings:::

(Sorry, JoJo!)

I'm just thinking out loud here...I have a hard time remembering all the details of this show, so if there's an answer to one of my questions, let me know.

My biggest concern with Lost is that nothing that happened between seasons 1 and 6 really matters now that we've arrived at the end of the series. Right now, so many (but not all) of those details and stories and people just seem like non-essential vehicles for character development and moving the storyline.

Take Daniel Faraday (smooches!), for example. At this point, does he matter? Or, was he just a handy person to introduce in order to explain the time jumping a bit more? Oh yeah, and that parents are evil (does anyone on this show have a good set of parents?).

This showdown between the Flockster and Jacob (has anyone seen him lately?) -- I'm a little sad that everything seems to be boiling down to this cosmic duel they have going. I hope I'm wrong. I just think that things were much more interesting when the show was still in the sci-fi territory and hadn't jumped so far into fantasy. I have my fingers double-triple crossed that the de facto answer to the 'why' questions isn't a simple 'Well, it was just part of Jacob's strategy.'

And can I just say that Kate is my all-time least favorite person on the show, and Jack is pretty boring and unsympathetic (except that sometimes he looks real hot). I hope it doesn't come down to the two of them. Honestly. Go Hurley!

And Charles Widmore, ugh. Hate that guy. Holds zippo interest for me.

Who do you think Adam and Eve are? Someone attached to the show said that their identities speak to the heart of the island. Rose and Bernard seem obvious, but how would they fit into that idea?

Were you sad when Jin and Sun died? Not me. I cried for d-a-y-s when Ethan hung my little Hobbit from a tree, but at this point, I don't have any more tears left for character deaths. At least they're together. And, come on, would you still want to be alive on that island? Answer -- no. I loved them both dearly, but things need to move on and we all know that people are going to be weeded out. See you on the other side, Kwons.

Who are those young boys (or boy?) running through the jungle? It's one actor, but is he portraying twins?

Jacob -- Who the heck is this dude and why does he seem to be stuck in a permanent state of ennui?

(still love him)

Judeo-Christian, Greek, or Egyptian -- what mythology is playing the biggest role? None? All? I'm kind of hoping there's not a 'god' figure waiting at the end of the series in final judgment. I just think that would be too much of a pat answer to everything that's happened, like the 'Jacob's Plan' problem I mentioned earlier.

What's behind those stinking whispers?! I know someone gave an explanation at some point, but do we believe it?

Desmond -- I know I should care, but...I don't know. I really liked him at the beginning, but then I got bored with him. His quest for Penny seemed like a m-a-j-o-r distraction to me and I never really got into it. I guess I only care about my Oceanic 815 people. That scene with him and Sayid at the well was pre-tty awesome though. So maybe I do care, but just a little. Or a lot.

Do you think it will come down to Jack and Claire? Interesting...Why does she matter so much all of the sudden?

Dude, do you think Adam and Eve are Aaron and Ji Yeon?

But the only thing that I really care about is this -- a lot of people are supposing that the last scene of the show will be Jack and Flocke sitting on the beach and Flocke will say, 'Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you?' For the record, I think that would be capital 'l' Lame. L-A-M-E. Puh-lease.

And I hope that somehow, somewhere, Locke and Helen get to be together forever, cuz, man, dude deserves it.

And that Hurley rules the earth.


joanna said...

Jin and Sun die??????????? WHAT??????? We didn't watch this weeks' episode yet. you should put a spoiler warning on here. hehe. but i do like your musings. i guess we'll find it all out in the end. which is soon.

Jill said...

I agree with pretty much everything you said here, except that I do still like Kate.

I keep thinking it's because I don't remember things, but really I think the show has gone in a totally different direction so now all the stuff we've watched these past few years isn't amounting to anything.

Also, I thought Sayid had gone to the dark side, so what is up with him sacrificing himself for everyone?

I keep thinking they better have a really awesome ending to this show or there is going to be some ugly backlash about it.

Rachel said...

I also like Kate. And I also like Jack, although last season (whatever number that was) was not his best. I like him again this season.

I was not sad that the Kwans died, per se, but I was annoyed, because I kept thinking Sun should say, "Go! Go take care of our daughter and tell her about me and love her!" It didn't make sense to me. I'm all about true love never dying, or dying together, but I kept thinking, "What about the daughter!!" Lame.

I agree with you that all of the past seasons have basically no import. It's like they set up this series of really compelling mysteries only to come out and say, "Oh, that was our smoke and mirrors routine to get to the end of all things, wherein only two characters (Jacob and Flocke) actually matter." I don't really want to know the answers to all questions, but I do wish I could find out things like 1)what was the Dharma initiative? 2)who were Widmore's peeps who were on the island before Dharma? 3)what was the "sickness" that killed the pregnant women, and why--was that just another Flocke thing? I don't know. There are probably more questions, but the whole Dharma-others-815 triad has been at the core of the show since the beginning, and now it's like they're saying, "Forget all of that! Let's just play a round of cosmic chess with real people!"

Also, I love Desmond. He might be my favorite character on the show. And I also don't get why Claire is back and suddenly significant.

Good times, Reba. I liked reading your post.

Sarah said...

Claire was initially incredibly important because of Aaron. Remember the psychic in Australia? Bringing Claire back to the forefront is one of the only things that I like about this season. However, I hate the new Claire, so that kinda ruins it. I wonder if the Hobbit came back to life, that she would snap out of her crazy.

As was Rachel, I was incredibly annoyed by the Kwons. Are you joking? You have a child you idiots. Remember the person you were willing to die to create? Now you don't care? Stupid. Husbands and wives are super, but now that kid is an orphan. Stupid.

The whispers are the dead people on the island whose spirits are stuck there. I believe that. Easy answer.

I just think they've totally lost their creativity. What was all of that crazy stuff about initially? It's disappointing.

Joie said...

I'm lost on Lost.
Haven't seen one episode yet.
Probably to late to catch up.
I'm sure it will all have something to do with aliens.