Thursday, May 6, 2010

:::My Lost Musings Continue:::

Your comments really got my mind going about different possibilities in these final episodes of Lost. Here are some more of my musings. Don't worry, I won't be blogging about this forever.

Why I wasn't sad about the Kwons dying, and little Ji Yeon being an 'orphan' -- My perspective on Lost is heavily island-centric. Ji Yeon isn't an island character to me, so I'm not to tied to her emotionally. And even though we've been told that dead means dead when it comes to character deaths, that doesn't mean that the dead have ceased to exist in some other fashion (e.g., Christian Shepherd, even Jacob). They may never be mortal again or walk the earth as humans, but they aren't gone. Almost all of the original cast is appearing in the final episode(s). I doubt that all, or any, of those appearances are going to be flashbacks. Jin and Sun may be island dead, but I don't think their story or existence ends there.

Plus, I want to believe that at some point all of the timelines are going to merge, and that island dead doesn't mean that you can't live in the new, everyone together time. I just think that the most important thing is for the island people to take care of island business once and for all, and then everything will turn out for them someplace else. I have a sneaking suspicion that death won't turn out to be such a bad thing after all.

I hope to high heaven that the writers don't pull an Amber Spyglass on us. But, if they do, and Sun and Jin are gone forever, kaput, or anyone is separated across time or space, then we have reason to riot.

Daniel Day Kim gave a good interview about his death, and the Ji Yeon issue here.

Kate -- To be honest, I haven't liked her since the first episode. I thought she fell for Jack way too quickly and way too hard to be reasonable. I also think that their little romance caused them to act selfishly at times, and that Kate's undying faith in Jack allowed him to go unchecked too often as the de facto leader of the group. I was really glad when Sawyer beat the crap out of Jack when they had their little man chat before they tried to set off the bomb. I like Sawyer, what can I say. I feel bad for the guy and it irks me that he's painted as a moron for trying to come up with his own plans for saving everyone. Heaven forbid anyone but the sainted Jack assume a leadership role.

Jack -- I find myself yelling at him the same thing that I always yelled at Harry Potter -- GET OVER IT!!! In both cases, I think the surrounding characters were much more likable and real than the man/boy hero lead. But I still think he's crazy good looking, and he does pull my heart strings from time to time.

Yes, Claire is important because of Aaron. But now I'm wondering if the prophesy about her needing to raise Aaron wasn't so much for Aaron's sake, but for her own. Maybe she needed to raise him so that she wouldn't go cuh-ray-zay, not him. Which leads me back to the idea that Jack and Claire have some great destiny ahead of them. But still, her return to the frontlines is a bit weird.

Anyone else have a crush on Ben? I h-a-t-e-d him at first, but now I love him.

What's Richard up to these days?

Any guesses as to how many characters have their own long con going?


Jill said...

Oh my, multiple characters with a long con going?! My head is spinning.

mom said...

Well, I don't watch Lost, good thing. But your musings were interesting. What's next?

michelle said...

Wow. I stopped watching Lost a season or two ago. Believe it or not, it was the music that was a deal-breaker for me. Too much pathos.

But now I am really curious about how you can have a crush on Ben!!