Monday, May 23, 2011

:::A Past Due, Out of Date Garden Update:::

*Video fixed!*

I haven't posted any garden pictures lately. So many of these plants are at least double the size now -- the cucumbers, the squash, and especially the giant lima bean which is growing now at a rate of 3 feet every four to five days. The arugula is now gone, and the spinach is trying it's darndest to go to seed, but I keep nipping off the buds. I've cut the lettuce back a few times, and might end the show completely later in the week so that I can get some of my peppers and eggplants into the containers.

The zinnias are getting gigantic, and the cosmos have a few little buds on them already. The four pea plants are dying an early death, having only given up six peas in their short, short lives.

Um, a week after taking these photos I discovered some powdery mildew on the cucumbers. They're getting a baking soda treatment every three days now. I think I put too much baking soda in the mixture. Oops.

Tons of tiny, minuscule little green bugs on the zucchini, which I flick off every morning. Who knows what will happen there.

Video at the end if you're interested in the whole layout.


Jill said...

I'm so impressed with how much you've done! It sounds like you know what you're you?

It wouldn't let me watch the video, it said it was private.

Rebekah said...

Ha, no. I'm just putting things into dirt, really.

I fixed the video!

scrambled brains said...

Can't believe you have a squash blossom already! So very jealous.

michelle said...

I just love this, Rebekah.

Jill said...

Hooray for fixing the video! It appears you are a prolific planter and that you have a rather nice sized balcony!

michelle said...

p.s. Arugula. It's a veg-e-ta-ble. I just had to say that. (I love arugula.)