Friday, March 19, 2010

:::Let The Great Experiment Begin!:::

I always swore that I'd never get myself ready for a formal event. Too stressful. I always swore that instead I'd pay beauticians, aestheticians, magicians, to do there thing and make me presentable. Oh well.

Tomorrow is my big work party. I had to start my preparations tonight since I'm trying to keep the related primping costs down by doing everything myself. I did splurge and get my face waxed (it only cost me $30! Wahoo!), but that's really a general life necessity so we're not going to count that.

The thing is, I don't do formal. I like the way I that look without makeup, so I prefer to spend most of my existence at or very near that state of being. But, needs must.

I spent a few painful hours at the mall last night trying to buy new underpinnings (a total bust [punny!]), and some new makeup (semi-bust) based on an inspiration picture I found on le internets. It's been a while since I vamped myself up, so we'll see how that goes. I'm not adventurous makeup wise, but I know what looks good on me and I trust myself so it shouldn't be too bad.

Nevertheless, this is how I feel tonight at the prospect of all the primping ahead of me...

So much to do in such a short amount of time.

My dismay is quickly turning into fear and panic.

Step 1: Prepare hair for flat ironing in the morning.

I have no idea why my teeth look so yellow. My teeth are not yellow.

Step 2: Give self a vigorous foot de-roughing.

I put too much bubble bath in the tub so it started overflowing with suds once I turned it on. I had to pull my trash can over and start bailing out bubbles in order to avert a disaster.

It got out of hand for a while there.

I lost my stamina at the end of my foot adventure, so I'll be doing to nail filling and painting tomorrow. That also leaves for tomorrow...

Flat ironing my hair
Giving myself a manicure
Biore-stripping my nose
Packing my bag for the hotel (I'm staying the night!)
Curling my hair
Rolling my hair
Shimmering/Bronzing my legs
Putting on makeup
Styling hair


I think I might just spend the entire night in my room and not go to the party at all.


Joie said...

I got tired just reading that, but I hope you feel pretty when you're all ready and I hope we get to see the after photos!

emilysuze said...

I can't wait to see the shiny, formal you! Make sure to eat lots of carbs to keep your energy up for all of that prep work! :)

annette said...

You are so funny. Have a wonderful time!

joanna said...

ooh, that sounds like fun. Every once in a while anyways:-)

michelle said...

That's quite a list, missy!

As for me, I'm still stuck back where you said you like the way you look without makeup. I wish I could say that about myself!

Jill said...

I don't do formal events well at all because I don't really have dressing-up technology or wardrobe. I would still attempt most of these same things so that at least I'd feel like I tried.

I'll be looking forward to seeing photos of you all made up!