Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My law firm was founded on St. Patrick's Day in 1980, so today was our 30th anniversary. We had drinks (they had drinks) and light appetizers this afternoon, during which time toasts were made and awards were given. Yours truly won the Spirit Award (a giant leprechaun hat) for bringing goodwill and camaraderie to the firm! Everyone loves me, what can I say.

{Look! I've grown another chin!}

We also had a raffle for prizes, and after that we all received picnic blankets from the firm (logo swag!) that are actually quite nice.

Our official party is this Saturday at the Willard, and I'm pretty excited about it. Swanky. Bought my shoes a year ago, yes I did.

But wait, there's more!

We got another bonus! Hotcha!

Get ye a job at a law firm, my child. Every so often it is very much worth it.


Sarah said...

So jealous! I got absolutely no swank today!

You deserve that award. I'm proud of someone for being smart enough to recognize that you are always the good in front of the times. =)

emilysuze said...

Score! You are the Miss Congeniality of your law firm! And where's a picture of these shoes of yours?

annette said...

Love your hair. Do you get to keep the hat?

Jill said...

You look adorable!

I wish I got a bonus every now and again!

MBC said...

Oh, free stuff, you are my favorite.

We had an activity with the little Scottish Faith in God kids yesterday and I was appalled to discover that there's no wearing o' the green in Great Britain for St. Patrick's Day. (Also, I convinced a little girl that the green food coloring in our rice crispie treats was from Leprechaun bits and then I had to UNconvince her because she found that MOST troubling.)

michelle said...

Those ARE some good perks! And that first photo is just darling.

Sheans said...

Ah, another reason to love St. Patrick's day.

just looked at the Willard. Looks lovely. I want to go toooooooooooo.