Thursday, March 11, 2010


So many 'set' things happen on Thursday, and that gives me a great sense of comfort. I can usually count on a Thursday to be just what I think it will.

A few of the things that Thursdays mean...

- It's so, so close to Friday night -- the beginning of the weekend! Only one more day of dragging myself out of bed.

- There's a new Image Challenge up on the NEJM website. Woohoo! One of the associates and I are in an ongoing competition to see who can get more challenges right. Our medical knowledge is negligible, but we both took Latin in high school so we get by quite well on root words and etymology.

I love these Images Challenges. They feed my love of trivia, Latin, and visual aids (yes, I have a love of visual aids). Most of the time they also have an appealing/appalling gross factor as well. The text for this week's challenge reads, "A woman underwent colonoscopy after presenting with colicky abdominal pain and loose stool. What type of worm is causing this presentation?" Don't worry, I won't post the picture that went a long with it.

I chose Necator americanus, but the correct answer was Diphyllobothrium latum. There you go.

- I feel less guilty about buying lunch. After all, it's almost the weekend, and that warrants a celebration. Plus, I deserve it, dang it!

- It's my night to be on duty at the house. This week, however, I switched days with another manager and worked last night instead. Even though I still put in the same amount of time, just on a different day, it still feels like I'm getting away with a freebie vacation day. I'll take it!

This aspect of Thursday can be extremely tiring and frustrating, but preparing for the worst makes it much easier to control my stress levels. Plus, any stress that does happen provides a nice decrescendo into the next calm, duty-free day, which happens to be Friday. As if Fridays could get any more wonderful.

Did I mention I love Fridays?

Guess what? I think I may be slightly cross-eyed.

Guess what else?

I lied.


Sheans said...


annette said...

That looks like a yellow frog on some kind of freaky flower! Yuck

Jill said...

That medical picture is nasty and took me by surprise, which was particularly cruel because I am eating!

I enjoy Thursday a great deal too and think part of my love for them is the good tv that occurs that night. It used to be Friends, Seinfeld and ER that I loved, but these days it's Survivor, The Office, 30 Rock, Burn Notice and Project Runway. Maybe I have a problem.

Joie said...

I think you have nice eyelashes, so it's not necessary to follow with a disgusting image in an attempt to erase your image from my short-term memory. :)

scrambled brains said...

Oh. My. That worm is shiny and that ruffle action makes him kind of pretty...but then I remember where he is residing, and all redeeming qualities are flushed down the toilet.

I couldn't resist!

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