Sunday, March 21, 2010

:::Sunday Testimony -- March 21, 2010:::

I've been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now, but I hadn't been able to find the right words until this morning.

I have realized lately how much I love my life. It's just wonderful. There are so many things that annoy me, many difficult trials, and more heartbreaks than I care to think of, but I love my life. I get to do so many amazing things, and have had so many personally held wishes and dreams fulfilled that I know, without doubt, that the Lord understands and values both the big and small contents of my heart and soul. He has taken such excellent care of me, and I'm very grateful for His never ending love.

I'm also enormously appreciative of all the effort that He goes through in order to care for me and to guide my life. I am overwhelmed by the enormity of His love and involvement in the lives of all of Heavenly Father's children. His is the Supreme Architect, and I am truly thankful that He has the ability and the desire to lovingly govern over the details of all of our lives in order to fulfill Heavenly Father's eternal plan.


Jill said...

Beautifully written Rebekah, what a glorious realization!

michelle said...

What a gift to know all that!