Saturday, April 3, 2010


While I was running some errands at Union Station this afternoon I saw a poster advertising the grand opening of a store called Accessorize. Have you heard of this store? Oh, baby. Oh, baby!!! I have such a weakness for low-end accessory stores and discount jewelery, but finding something decent usually takes a good rummage through a lot of tacky and ugly pieces. But, oh baby, that's not the case at Accessorize.

I have no words for how amazingly wonderful this store is. Let's just feast our eyes on some of inventory.

{I went home with that gold knot necklace on the right.}

{And when I go back I will be doing some serious damage in this section.}


Bad news for you though, this is currently the only location in the entire US of A. But, apparently there are a million locations everywhere else in the world. It was really funny to see a never ending stream of elated foreigners telling the sales girls how happy they were that there was finally an Accessorize in the US.

I had to snap a covert picture of this beautiful girl who was part of a large group of effortlessly stylish and elegant French teenagers. What is she, 17? Double sigh. How do they do it?


Sarah said...

You're still moving, though, right?!?!

Jill said...

I am so out of the accessorizing loop. Somewhere along the way I forgot to dress like a girl.

annette said...

It's a little cut above Claire's, right! It all looks so gorgeous.

Sheans said...

i could buy all of that. every last piece.
and ps, that girl is adorable and I would give my left leg to have that kind of style.

michelle said...

And now I'm drooling. Especially over the 4th and 8th pictures. Sigh.