Thursday, April 29, 2010

:::Pick a Card, Any Card:::

It's like I'm performing a reverse card trick for the Lord.

I fan out the possibilities of life, carefully pull one from the deck, and with a mix of nerves and hope I ask,

'Is this my card?'

Answer -- 'No.'



'Is this my card?'




'How about this card, is this it?'


(shuffle, draw)

'Tada! Is this my card?'

'Mmm, close.'


But, then again, no, not really.'

And on and on we go.

Four of each kind, twenty-six of each color, thirteen of each suit.

How many times through the deck, Lord?


scrambled brains said...

Till you get the right one, silly! Best of luck (of the draw). :)

rebekah said...

I'm going to hurt you.

scrambled brains said...

I'd like to see that.

Joie said...

Sometimes, I think the Lord likes to hide the best cards up his sleeve and slips them in the deck right when I need them, because if I win he wins too.

rebekah said...

You might like to see it, but you won't want to feel it. BAM!

michelle said...

Clever. This seems like an accurate representation of what life feels like sometimes. Hope you have a lot of fun while you're picking cards.