Tuesday, April 27, 2010

:::'French' Market:::

On my suggestion, last Saturday Shorty and I went to the French Market in Georgetown. As it turns out, it was neither French nor a market. What we experienced instead was a sort of sidewalk jumble sale.

For some reason, this type of fake cultural branding really annoys me. A cute poster and some dude playing the accordion do not a French theme make.

I think I spotted two items in the entire event that were overtly related to France. One was this cute poster of Les Invertébrés, my favorite being 'les protozoaires'.

And these processional candles, handily labeled, 'From France.' I made Shorty hold one so I could take a picture. She's Catholic, so I thought it was only fitting. I really think she experienced a spiritual awakening as a result.

The same vendor with the processional candles also had a few other things that were fun to photograph...

But I didn't buy anything, since they were dealing in Georgetown dollars. It's a whole different system of economics over there, one that apparently requires a degree from a prestigious foreign university to gain entry into...


After our brief walk up and down the market, Shorty left to attend an annual alumni event at the University of Maryland, and I went to Paper Source, where I bought many stamps on sale for 75% off.

So that was Saturday.


Sarah said...

I love the boxes that say "this" "and" "that". How cute.

Sarah said...

Oh, and I like how you explained Georgetown dollars.

michelle said...

"A cute poster and some dude playing the accordion do not a French theme make." Snort! You got that right.

I *want* that white dresser!!