Sunday, September 5, 2010

:::Glorious Gloriness:::

High: 81 degrees
Humidity: 49%

I stood on my balcony in the morning.

I stood on my balcony in the afternoon.

I stood on my balcony in the evening and the night.

Glory, glory hallelujah.

This has been the worst summer ever in DC. We would shatter heat records one week, then shatter them again the next. We've had days of 100 degree weather with humidity in the very high 90s. During one of our worst weeks in July the overnight low was 85 degrees. The low. With temperatures that bad and all the cement to hold the heat in, things just got hotter and hotter as the days went by.

To add insult to injury, I'm constantly sweating. I wipe my face, but then more sweat comes. HELP ME!!!! I hate it-hate it. So much sweat. It's like when you're staying at someone's house and you get out the shower and have to get dressed in the bathroom but it's all steamy and you keep sweating but you have to put your clothes on and then you start feeling claustrophobic...Oh, please let this end!

I miss the dry heat of desserts where the blazing hot temperature magically drops down into pleasant chilliness of night. A few night I slept with my window open hoping to catch an early morning chill, but, again, 85 degree lows. I would be woken up not by a cool breeze, but by stifling heat.

There were days where I came home and cried as I frantically stripped and went to sit on the air conditioning vent. People have really struggled through this summer and no one is sad to see this one end. Good riddance.

It has been just awful, and I want to say to every man, woman, and child who previously walked an un-air-conditioned earth in suits and petticoats and wool undergarments -- may you find a place amongst the highest of the heavenly host. Amen.

And because you made it all the way through this complaining post about the weather, here are two pictures of my bare-bones apartment.

{The head of my bed is now against the air conditioning unit. I can't believe what a difference this has made to my sanity!)

And something else I love.

I can see the National's Stadium from my balcony, which means that after every Friday night home game, I have one of the best seats possible for the fireworks show.

Ooh, la-la!


annette said...

I can't stand it. At least you don't need moisturizer. When it's really hot I think of those sad people of the past. Oh the smells, the heat rashes...

michelle said...

You have my fullest sympathies! I am a sweater, too, and I just can't handle the heat and especially the humidity. I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling like you showered at someone else's house and it's all steamy and you are sweating and just have to get dressed anyway. One of my least favorite feelings in the world.

I'm thrilled for you that you could stand on your balcony and not be made angry by the experience!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

Wasn't DC built in a swamp???

Love the view from the new place, and would pay anything to have fireworks so often.

lelly said...

i just can't stand being hot! i don't sweat so much, but i am constantly red red RED in the face (NOT attractive).

your studio is perfect! great job with the light colored fabrics and clean lines! what a view - enjoy that balcony!!

Jill said...

I wouldn't have made it through the DC summer, I would have snapped for sure.

I'm a wuss even in the dry heat of Utah, so factor in humidity and I'm completely done for.

The high today is 72 and I'm excited. We've been sleeping with the windows open and last night's low was 43...I slept great!

Your place looks wonderful, that huge couch is like a guest room for 2! And how great to have such a substantial balcony; I'd love that!

Sheans said...

i love your apartment. love it.

i hate the heat. it is death. i start sweating just thinking about it.

yes, i will have deacon call you "poopy diap" when you call. he'd be happy to. he calls everyone a poopy diap, at least ten times a day.

scrambled brains said...

What kind of dry heat desserts? Carmel air-popped popcorn? Creme brulee? He he. J/K Rebekizzle, you know I love you. Invite me to see your awesome apartment someday, K?