Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Can one of you geniuses explain iPods to me?

That wasn't a rhetorical question.

Yes, it's late September of the year 2010, and I'm thinking about getting an iPod. I don't really want to, and I still think they're stupid (on principle), but I need something to keep me entertained while I do my (hypothetical) fitness regime. Staring at myself in the mirror for 30 minutes ain't gonna cut it. 

Let's just start with the basics...

My criteria --

1. I want one with those cool screens that you can move around with your finger. Zoom!
2. Storage wise, it has to have enough memory for 1 podcast and 2 songs. 

My questions -- 

1. Do iPods have internet on them? Do I have to pay extra for it? (that'swhathesaid) Can I 'surf the web' on an iPod?
2.Do you get apps on iPods? Do you need the internet to use apps?
3. How do I get my 2 songs off the computer and onto my iPod?
4. Just to reassure me, I don't need a Mac for this, do I?
5. I saw that you can watch videos on some of these bad boys. How does that work? Can I watch videos off of Netflix? Can I only watch videos that I buy from iTunes? Are there any free videos anywhere that I can put on my iPod?

Once again, folks, these questions aren't rhetorical. I am truly am this ignorant, or this awesome, depending on how you look at it.


michelle said...

You know what? I never thought I'd want an iPod for the longest time, but then Marc gave me an iPod touch for our anniversary and I LOVE it.

It has a touch screen and apps and you can watch videos on it. I love it for listening to audiobooks, podcasts, music, and I also have read free classic books on it and watched videos. It's pretty much awesome.

You can use the internet on it, but you have to be somewhere where there is wi-fi. The only difference from the iTouch and the iPhone is, obviously the phone part, but also that you don't have internet access automatically, you have to have wi-fi access.

To get apps, podcasts, and music, you need to download iTunes. You can do this on a Mac or pc. You can then load your music into your iTunes and download whatever podcasts you want, then when you sync your iPod with your iTunes, it all gets loaded on there. You can buy videos from iTunes, but you can also use some free software programs to rip DVDs and load them onto your iPod. Currently, I don't think you can use Netflix on the iPod. Or Hulu, which is sad.

My iTouch has I think 18G memory and I have tons of apps, tons of podcasts, and maybe 1000 songs on there right now, with room for plenty more.

Tracy Ngu said...

I have an Ipod Nano. It's not as cool as an Ipod touch. No internet, not touch screen but you can play video, music and podcasts on it.Mine is 8 gb and so far I have 60 something songs and a movie and I still have a lot of room.

I really love my Ipod. I don't really care that I can't get internet on it, I wanted it mostly so I could have music for working out or just to drown out the people around me. ;)

Jill said...

Oh Rebekah, you're hilarious!

I LOVE my ipod! I have a huge music library on it, loads of audiobooks, podcasts, audio Book of Mormon, and General Conference Talks.

I can watch shows that I've purchased on it, but have only done that once on a plane ride.