Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:::Icy Conditions:::

We had a bit of freezing rain last night. When the sun came up this morning I saw that the twinkle lights on my balcony had been delicately encased in ice.

The vacant lot that I walk across in the morning was completely iced over.

It was pretty cool. I don't know why I like harsh winter weather, but I do. Under the surface of the semi-translucent ice, rocks, sticks, and hay were still visible. I half expected to see some dead faces down there as well.

Going contrary to anything that has ever happened before in the history of our office, the powers that be decided that we wouldn't open until 11 am today due to the poor road conditions the ice storm caused. They sent out an alert to everyone's voicemail, but we never open late so most people didn't even think to call and check their messages. I arrived close to my normal time but chose to do a crossword puzzle and eat a Cadbury bar until starting time.

The Express is a Washington Post commuter paper. Their puzzle is always easy, so it's fun to do. The candy bar was from my boss's daughter who just came back from some kind of study abroad in London. She said her daughter was so happy to be home because, 'It's so boring over there and there's nothing to do.' I'll give you a minute to process that one.

Have you heard of this book? Probably, I'm slow on the uptake sometimes.

It's fun. The book is made up of short, conversational book recommendations based on different themes such as Bicycling, Les Crimes Noir (that's French for The Crimes Noir), First Lines to Remember, Italian American Writers, Mothers and Sons, World War I Fiction, etc. She gives a few authors their own entries, such as the wonderful and delightful Barbara Pym.

Anyhow, check it out. There's a second edition as well that is probably waiting for me on the hold shelf across the street at my local branch. I have a serious 'holds' habit.

Ha! I just remembered this quote --

"Sir, When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life."



michelle said...

Seriously! I feel sad for anyone who is bored with London.

I don't know about that book! I just added both of them to my Goodreads list.

Too bad you didn't get to sleep in/lounge around, eh?

Jill said...

I think it's cool when everything gets covered in ice like that, it's like everything becomes sculpture.

I'm speechless about the London comment.

I've never heard of this book before!

annette said...

Were you tempted to slide across the lot? The dead body thing reminds me of NCIS. They found dead bodies face up in a frozen pond. Guess where? You are correct-Rock Creek Park!

I have never seen that book. Gotta get it. Our book group meets tonight. Maybe Central Library has it and I could introduce it to the group. I'm taking "On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" and "These Is My Words". I wanted a biography, but couldn't settle on one that was less than 500 pages.

I don't know how anyone can be bored in London or for that fact, any foreign city (DC and NYC too). My brain is rattled just figuring out train and bus schedules, crazy taxi etiquette, opening and closing times (often different from ours), what to eat (very important), etc.

Too sad for her.