Wednesday, January 12, 2011

:::January 12th, 2011 -- 12 on the 12th:::

I've decided to join in on 12 on the 12th this year. I made my template in Picasa (free), which now allows you to control photo placement in grids. It's about time.

Warning: It may be a bit of a stretch on days that the 12th falls on a workday since it's not really Kosher to take pictures at or blog about work. Boo, jobs.

1. I woke up at 5:45 this morning but lazed around so much that I was running incredibly behind. Even though I knew that the clock was ticking away, I still decided that it was the perfect time to clean my sink and toilet. I love Method's Pink Grapefruit Multi-Surface Cleaner.
2. The lateness of my departure necessitated a cab ride. The cabbie drove my favorite route to the office. I love crossing the Mall and seeing the Capitol and all the museums.
3. One of my pairs of long socks this year (which are used as stockings in the W household), courtesy of Santa/Dr. Ben. The office is freezing cold and I try to keep my socks on for as long as possible before I have to put on my work shoes and walk somewhere.
4. One of the daily email chains with sisters and mom.
5. I've eaten a version of Chop't's St. Tropez salad each day this week -- romaine lettuce, tuna, yukon gold potatoes, green beans, red onions, crumbled egg and chickpeas with lemon vinaigrette. So good. I eat some at lunch, then eat the rest later in the afternoon.
6. NYT crossword with a coworker. We work on it most days, and we rocked it today even though there was a tricky not-revealed theme. Go us. I got 58 across because I watched this documentary on Sunday. Yeah, I'm cool.
7. Wow, look at all the snow that big storm dumped.
8. I've been leaving my tv on when I leave for work in the morning. That way I get every last second of witty morning show repartee possible before I trudge out into the gray, dull world. The antenna turns itself off at some point during the day, hence the snowy screen. I don't understand why it does this. Also, I need to put a picture in that frame.
9. My arriving home routine begins with a hand wash...
10. ...then removal of contacts...
11. ...then brushing of teeth...
12. ...then glasses on. I love this routine. It makes me feel refreshed and happy at the end of each long day.


Jill said...

I'm so glad you're joining in on the 12 on the 12th fun (tomorrow when Amy posts hers make sure to link yours to her Mr. Linky thing). That's cool that Picasa has a free grid, maybe more people will be able to do this.

I wash my hands first thing through the door too, except my soap doesn't look like a bottle of Hooch, ha.

I need some long socks! This is the first year I've worn boots, so my usual ankle-length socks aren't cutting it for me.

Your comment about the big snow storm is funny.

michelle said...

I too thought your soap dispenser was a bottle of hooch – I was waiting for the explanation of that one!

Your salad sounds oh so fine.