Sunday, February 13, 2011

:::12 on the 12th -- It's a Celebration:::

1. I've been on a washcloth bender for a couple of weeks now.
2. One of the local PBS station plays two episodes of Eastenders every Saturday morning. I. love. it. The episodes are like 5 years behind, so I enjoy googling the cliffhangers.
3. Blue skies.
4. Home pedicure.
5. Lovely coworker Erica painting the prettiest vase at All Fired Up.
6. Shorty chose to do this fused glass thing-y.
7. Oh, I struggled mightily making a design decision.
8. My friend's little sister was in town and she made these coconut orange cupcake delightfullnesses of wondrous glory.
9. Shorty gave me this framed vintage Utah postcard. I love it so much. Seriously, this is one of those gifts that is just so perfect that I never would have known to ask for.
10. Group photo. Many thanks to Shorty and Carissa who have made sure that I've had awesome birthday celebrations for the past three years. I can't believe how nice they are to me.
11. I took this botched self-portrait during my cab ride home. I have no idea what happened, but I like the streaky lights running through me eyes.
12. Birthday card and gift from Jill. She takes the best photos.


Jill said...

It looks like a great birthday, I'm so, so glad!!! I love it when someone gives a gift so perfect but that I never would have thought of it myself...that's such a talent to give gifts like that.

I am in need of washcloths! Are you selling them by chance?

I'm so excited that my little gift made to you on your big day and into your collage, how exciting!

michelle said...

I'm bummed that I sent my gift late. Bleh.

The idea of being on a washcloth bender tickles my funny bone. I love knitting washcloths! And using them.

Ooh! Another BBC show to check out!