Friday, December 12, 2008

:::beast of burden:::

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women always say that they carry their entire lives in their purses. i've come to realize how true this is, especially since i can't run errands at my leisure (work is so stifling) and i live in a city where i rely on public transportation. that means no car where i can store my stuff and only my lunch break to run errands during. everything and anything that i could possible need has to be heartily packed into my purse every morning.

and Heaven forbid i have to bring anything extra home. on top of my stuffed and strained purse (i could have fit more, believe it or not), tonight i had to struggle home with a package and a roll of wrapping paper as well.

it's a heavy, heavy load some days, and i might need a bigger purse.


Brittony Shean said...

at least it wasn't a case of snapple this time..... that would have been bad.

Rachel and Jeremy said...

I should do this, although in my case it would be a purse/diaper bag and the primary contents--other than diapers--would probably be cracker crumbs.

annette said...

I drive a car and I still think I carry my life in my purse. How do you survive the day without your stuff? Right, you can't. And if I had a bigger bag (I do, but I am trying really hard to cut down on my stuff) I would just fill it with more stuff. But don't you feel good when someone asks if you have an extra pair of socks, a spare chapstick, a fan, a rain pancho or scotch tape and you can say YES I do??
We should just concede to the idea our purses are really carry on bags and then we'll not be embarrassed by that extra pair of unmentionables that falls out while you're trying to pay for things at Target!