Tuesday, December 23, 2008


today i didn't go in to work so that i could use my floating holiday (it doesn't carry over). my only firm plan for today was to head to georgetown to spend some time at paper source. pretty good plans, if you ask me. thankfully the weather was much warmer today, in the low 30's as opposed to the mid-teens and low 20's like yesterday.

to complete my journey i chose to ride a new bus today -- the circulator. this is a bus of wondrous proportions. it is new, clean, bright red (which makes it easy to pick out), and the line i took picks up right at union station (where i usually commute from) and drops off at multiple points in georgetown. glorious gloriousness!

when we arrived in georgetown i was happy to see that the streets were decorated for the holidays and bustling with shoppers.

once i got to paper source i found some great sales inside -- 50%-75% off many items. paper source is one of those stores that fools you into thinking that your life will be infinitely more elegant, chic, and enjoyable if you keep buying their products.

and that's what makes it so fun to shop there.

for lunch i went across the street to le madeleine, which is a cute fake-french cafe/bistro, and a blast from the past courtesy of my washington seminar days.

i bought the lemonade purely because of the presentation. packaging makes such a difference, doesn't it? who can pass up having their own mini-decanter with a tiny glass?

have you ever seen a walk sign that lasts this long? it actually started at 68 seconds.

i didn't have to wait long to pick up the circulator again. i thought it was funny that i was waiting at a bus stop outside of a four seasons. ah, the other half...

while i was walking home from union station i looked up a street that heads to the capitol and felt very happy about my little excursion and my life. some days are as shiny as new pennies. i appreciate them as they come.

these very large envelopes were one of my favorite purchases from paper source. i have no idea what i'm going to do with them, but it was a small price to pay for the novelty.

and now, dear friends, i'm going to take a nap...or work on my project planner...or work on a project...ah...days off.
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scrambled brains said...

I miss you Rebekah! Have a happy Christmas and keep enjoying your great life :)
Love you,

Tracy Ngu said...

I love, love, love the lemonade decanter!! I wouldn't have been able to resist it either!!

Your day sounds awesome!!

annette said...

Le Madeleine...ahhhh. I've been to that little french bistro, but it was in Houston. Oh, the sandwiches, the soups (is that french onion?) and yes, the lemonade. You look like you are having a wonderful time! Who wouldn't love staying at the Four Seasons?