Saturday, December 27, 2008

:::once, twice, three times:::

three is the number of trips i've made to paper source this week.

two is the number of times i went today. for some reason i talked myself out of this lovely 'noel' sign on my first trip, even though it is fantastic and makes me feel nostalgic for Christmases before my time.

so, less than an hour after i got home, i walked back to the bus stop and road all the way across town again to right my wrong.

lesson learned: if it's a seasonal item at 50% off and costs under $20 and you really want it, just buy it, for goodness sake.
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lelly said...

if you will enjoy it, then i will post in Latin more frequently!


scrambled brains said...

The same goes for thrift store finds; if you really love it, buy it, because the chances of you coming across another are slim!

Jill said...

I adore Paper Source and can't imagine how many visits I'd be making if I had one close by, you're a lucky girl! I love the Noel sign!

annette said...

Beautiful! Did you get one for me???? Go back!

Aunti said...

Beautiful choice!