Tuesday, December 30, 2008

:::Christmas season wrap-up, 2008:::

:::the highlights of my Christmas season:::

{enrichment Christmas program}
{secret santa exchange at work}
{work Christmas party}
{Christmas tree at union station, courtesy of norway}

{wreaths outside union station}

{enjoying holiday movies at home}
{reading the Christmas story by the house tree}

{making Christmas cards}

{mailing Christmas cards}

{receiving Christmas cards}

{listening to Christmas music at work}

{writing last minute cards to all the people i forgot}
{waiting curbside for elizaben to pick me up, so excited for Christmas eve!}

{watching the motab Christmas dvd on the new flat screen!}

{Christmas morning -- stockings, presents, and cinnamon rolls}

{two new pairs of slippers}

{watching fellowship of the ring}
{going to see the wreaths at arlington}

{working on craft projects}

{Christmas day dinner made only from ingredients in the Bible, it was delicious!}

(yes, there's a typo)

{baking perfect sugar cookies for the first time in my life!}

{new year's eve and baked brie}

{watching two towers in the dark, really loving the flat screen!}

{watching return of the king the next morning}
{more craft projects}

{one last stop by the white house Christmas tree}

the end.

this was the best Christmas season of my adult life.


Rachel and Jeremy said...

Oooh, Pip and I also watched all of the LOTRses. We finished Return of the King last night at 11:45 and were inspired for the new year by the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

Hmmm. I still haven't sent you your Christmas card. At this point I will say it may become something of a crapshoot. Perhaps you will receive a nice MLK Jr birthday (observed) card, or perhaps something for Australia day. Or perhaps I'll go really crazy and just wait for Waitangi Day. It has the word "wait" in it, and it is a holiday of New Zealand, which is also Middle Earth, which makes it all very thematic, at least for this comment. Either way, it will include a picture of my family, suitable for framing. You can look forward to that.

Aunti said...

I recognize the slippers behind the cinammon roll! Excellent choice!