Wednesday, May 6, 2009

:::about buddy:::

1. he lives wholeheartedly.

2. he loves the transformers. he has never seen the movie, he only knows about them from a happy meal toy he got, but he l-o-v-e-s them. bumblebee is his favorite.

3. yellow is his favorite color. before bumblebee, he loved greg, the yellow wiggle.

4. he can be naughty, but he has a completely innocent soul.

5. he wants to be loved.

6. he is destructive. he is a boy.

7. most people don't 'get' him, i think he may have frustrations ahead of him.

8. he has a special relationship with molly. every time she wakes up from a nap, he greets her with sweet greetings and loving questions -- "did you sleep well, mama bear? i love you mama! how are you mama? you're so cute, mama bear!"

9. he has the longest eyelashes in the universe.

11. he loves his male relatives. he thinks he belongs in california with his papa.

12. he is a great dancer.

13. he is a bottomless pit. he always finishes his dinner.

14. there is a direct and open path to his tender heart.

15. he likes to pretend he's a robot.

16. today, you would never guess that he was a whining, crying, screaming, clingy, difficult, migraine inducing baby.

17. he loves talking to strangers.

18. he loves to say prayers.

19. he is the second grandchild, first grandson, first nephew. he is my bosom buddy and my best pal. i love him more than i ever thought possible.


emilysuze said...

He is seriously cute.

Sarah said...

That boy! I'm glad that he has such a fierce support system in you. He misses you. I told him that we were taking a photo of your corn tomorrow and he got really morose about your absence.

Do you remember how he gets so concerned that his sisters get something if he gets something? It's so amazing to me how protective he is of them when he's such a "brother-bother" TO them most of the time. He loves big.

gramma said...

As soon as I stop crying, I will have something coherent to say. Oh no, my mascara is running!

Sheans said...

they are so lucky to have you as an auntie. Plus, they are adorable. I wish we lived next to them, because I think Zoey would love them too.

Jill said...

Those big brown eyes with those long, long lashes are sure to help charm him out of some troubles in his life.

Aunti said...

love him!

michelle said...

Oh my goodness! That close-up of the eyelashes...