Tuesday, May 5, 2009

:::about sunshine:::

1. she remembered who i was as soon as she saw me.

2. she has the most transparent, honest, and sincere personality of anyone i've ever met.

3. at the same time she is flighty, imaginative, and starry-eyed.

4. she naturally finds her way to the kids who need friends the most.

5. she always wants to help out. here she is mowing the lawn, since her dad hadn't had the time lately.

5. she doesn't understand sarcasm, dry humor, or jokes at someone's expense.

6. if she's not too busy dreaming up in the clouds, her feelings can be easily hurt.

7. you would have better luck capturing big foot on film than getting a candid photo of her. every time i pulled out my camera she started striking pose after pose.

6. she double crosses her legs, all. the. time.

7. she loves my little ponies.

8. she never finishes her dinner.

9. she loves making crafts and doing art projects. she has no interest in math or other boring subjects (that's my girl).

8. she picks up molly the same way all little girls seem to pick up babies -- both arms tightly wrapped around her midsection, then hoisting her back onto her tummy and waddling around.

9. almost all of her clothes and shoes are pink. it's her favorite color.

10. she is so sweet and docile, and rarely, if ever, fights back when her brother and sister attack her. we've been trying for years to teach her that sometimes you really do need to hit back.

12. she slips through the cracks all the time at school, at church, everwhere.

13. we worry about her a lot.

14. she loved taking photos with my camera, and she's pretty good at it.

15. she is smart.

16. she loves to sing and memorizes lyrics easily.

17. she is the first grandchild, the first niece, and we all love her to pieces.


Sharla said...

So sweet. Make sure to save this for her so she can remember who she is when she hits 13.

Jill said...

This is such a sweet post. You're a very good aunt to be able to know such things about her.

mom said...

I love you because of who you are and it's frosting on the cake that you love her as much as I do!

emilysuze said...

I love her curls and her sweet smile. You have adorable nieces and nephews.

Sarah said...

I love you so much for loving my babies. Thank you!

Aunti said...

hates math.....i am crushed! I love the way you see each of them.

michelle said...

Oh, darling. All except the part about slipping through the cracks... they are lucky to have you for their aunt!