Monday, September 21, 2009

:::Global Colding:::

Last week I...

  • Turned off my air conditioning
  • Wore socks to bed (I never wear socks to bed)
  • Wore long sleeves to work everyday
  • Wore a sweater and a scarf to work one day
  • Slept with my comforter pulled over my head
  • Nearly froze to death in my room

How cold was it? 75 degrees, which isn't cold at all.


Sarah said...

You are insane. 75? My goodness. Are you getting sick or do you think it was the sudden return to humidity?

Jill said...

What in the world? How is this possible? I can't imagine feeling so chilled in 75 degree weather.

michelle said...

Stop it! What is going on here??

It's been 75 degrees here and I am a sweaty hog. I see people in sweaters and scarves and I wonder what in the world is wrong with them. I thought you were like me?!

emilysuze said...

It's been 75 out here and I am broiling! I miss having air conditioning so much. I'll use yours since you don't need it. :)