Wednesday, September 23, 2009

:::Snapshots -- Wednesday, September 23, 2009:::

1. Well, whatever the heck was happening with my body temperature has now ended. Yesterday I felt as hot and stuffy as ever even though the air conditioner was on full blast. I think I have molten lava running through my veins instead of blood. Oh well, it was fun not feeling like a sweaty beast for a few days.

2. I am tired of walking everywhere. Even though I take the metro or the bus, I still have to walk in order to get to the stations or stops. Pound, pound, pound. Every morning as I walk to Union Station, and every night as I make my way up the street to my house. Pound, pound, pound.

3. This morning when I arrived at work I felt especially frazzled, and because of this I kept dropping things, forgetting things, and just doing things wrong. I did manage to get a package ready for Emily, but as I was walking to the mail room I realized that I had separately addressed and stamped the card that I should have included in the package. {Smack} More than likely the package will arrive before the card. {Smack} {Smack}

4. Yesterday I received 220 photos from my Texas trip that I had ordered from Snapfish. Most of them were of a horrible quality. I sent those off today as well in order to get my money back, but not before I had to reopen the thoroughly taped package to include my order information. {SMACK}

5. Today I ate a cookie that was literally the size of a frisbee.

6. That's the book I'm currently reading. I like it. It's well paced and comfortable with a good enough story to keep you going.

7. You would not be able to conceive how much I've spent on lunch in the past two weeks. Here's a hint: lunch in DC runs about $8-$10, easy. Add any kind of side or drink and you're looking at $11 and upwards. Plus, I've ordered Thai food twice. The place I order from has a $15 minimum for delivery.

8. As I was waiting for the bus tonight I looked up and saw some policemen on horseback. I was so happy that I had thought twice and decided to bring my camera to work with me today.

As they passed, the ladies at the bus stop were chatting about how pretty the horses were and how much they reminded them of New York, etc. When the horses had gone through the intersection we all turned back up the street to watch for the buses, and one of the women said, "Oh, now that's a shame."

I call this photo Wednesday, September 23, 2009, On Pavement.

9. Tonight was one of the nights that I ordered Thai. I got some satay sticks, and was surprised to find that a single slice of white bread was included in my order. This confused me, and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. I've eaten a lot of Thai food in my life, but I've never been served white bread as a side. Unaware of its use, I just threw it away.

10. Someone just posted a Miss Marple episode on YouTube that was taken down about six months ago. Hot dog! I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Meh. Legale, non legale.


Jill said...

Welcome back to normal body temperatures, it felt like you'd defected to the other side.

Ever since I hurt my ankle walking feels like a chore. It's been 5 weeks already and even though I keep improving it's still an effort.

I have done that with a card and a package before.

Wow, a frisbee sized cookie, I certainly wouldn't say no.

The cover of that book is adorable.


Joie said...

9 tabs for YouTube...impressive.

michelle said...

No!! I was happy for you that you weren't hot anymore! Baffled, but happy.

I have done that with a card and package before, too. Annoying.

I am all too familiar with paying too much for food in the big city...

scrambled brains said...

I know you'll think I'm crazy, but if your life was a movie it'd be one of my favorites--right up there with You've got Mail; oh how I love that show!

Sarah said...

Love the cookie and the horses.

emilysuze said...

Yay for a package. :)

And what the heck is a single slice of white bread for? I've never had bread included in Thai food...weird.

Cookies the size of frisbees are amazing. Did you bake it yourself or pick it up while you were out and about?

rebekah said...

I was leftover from a lunch meeting.