Friday, September 11, 2009

:::Snapshots -- Friday, September 11, 2009:::

1. Earlier in the week we went to eat at a Mexican place here called Chuy's. I was excited because there aren't that many, if any, Tex-Mex places in DC and I love this kind of food.

I really could eat thin, oily, salted chips and salsa each day of my life and never get sick of them.

Sarah got a salad that came with a creamy jalapeno dressing that people also dip their chips in. It's pretty good, and it's got a nice kick to it.

Molly really liked it, but this is what her face looked like after every bite. She kept going back for more though.

2. Last night we had a slow cooker lasagna that I made. Well, Sarah cooked and I put it together. I saw the recipe before I left in Kraft Food & Family Magazine (did anyone else get a notice that they were going to have to start paying for it?) and wanted to try it out.

We added our own spices and made a few modifications, but it was really good for a basic American lasagna. In fact, I wouldn't see the point in making lasagna in a pan anymore.

3. Yesterday and today it's been raining fairly steadily. I love long rain storms. Back in DC rainstorms are really intense, but they come and go quickly. I prefer it so much more when it rains all day long.

The rain temporarily stopped during dinner so we opened the sliding glass door to enjoy the after-rain air. I wish we could have this type of weather on demand.

4. Scott in my sunglasses at Sprouts.

I will steal him one day.

5. Today I went to Sophie's school for some kind of eat-lunch-with-your-grandparent-or-other-special-person day.

Some kids, like young Harrison here, didn't have anyone come. So sad. He was actually really, really talkative and just started talking to me out of the blue in a stream of consciousness kind of way.

"My mom said she could probably come next Tuesday. Next Tuesday."

"I always get cheese pizza. We have pepperoni, and we have cheese. I get cheese."

Harrison has pwobwems with his awrs, which made him even cuter. I thought his name was Hailson for a bit until he spelled it for me.

I took this picture on the sly since Sarah told me I had to stop photographing other people's children or else I'd get arrested.

After we finished our Chick-fil-A kid's meals with fruit not fries Sophie started rooting around in the bags looking for 'the rest of her food.' Umm...It's not in my dna to let anyone go hungry, so I went and bought her a hot lunch for $2.75 so she could have a slice of pizza. I ate the corn and kept the pink milk for her for later.

6. While I was in the school, Sarah was in the car with the kids who were eating their Sonic kid's meals. This is Scott posing with his helicopter. Eyes closed, why?

This is Molly throwing her ambulance at me.

Love you too, you stinking little...

7. Another new Texas food experience -- Braum's ice cream. I got a chocolate marshmallow sundae. Not bad, not bad at all.

We never did make it to Whataburger. Maybe next time, maybe next time.


Rachel and Jeremy said...

Tell me one thing: were the chips warm? Mmmmmm....

Your nieces and nephew are too cute. Molly's face, Scott's closed eyes, Sophie's warning about photographing other people's kids. Loved it all.

michelle said...

I miss Mexican food already! Those chips and salsa, ahhhh.... that is so hilarious about Molly and the spicy food, going back for more. How fun that you could be the cool aunt and go to school lunch.

Sarah said...

I love all of that food! Good food memories.
Thanks for taking care of Sophie and Hawwison at lunch!

Sheans said...

You're right...Deacon does look like Scott. They should be friends.

You always have such a good time in Texas. Those kids are lucky to have you as their aunt. I never had an aunt like you...and I always wanted one.