Friday, October 30, 2009

:::As Donors Focus on AIDS, Child Illnesses Languish:::

Oh, this burns me up. This really, really burns me up.


Sarah said...

I've wondered about that so many times. There are such simple solutions to some problems, that I think people overlook them for more complex issues.
It seems like we should put our money where it does the MOST good for the MOST people. Plus, it's just so darn easy to cure diarreha. My goodness.

mom said...

AIDS is more glamorous. Can you even imagine Bono doing a concert for "Save the Children from Diarrhea and Pneumonia"?

Because both of those are so easily cured in the
Western world we don't think about them.

It is so sad.

michelle said...

That is so sad. Especially something so easily and cheaply cured.