Saturday, October 17, 2009

:::For Today -- October 17, 2009:::

I saw this little prompt on Ali Edwards' blog post yesterday.

Outside my window...It's gray, and occasionally sprinkling. I think we're safely into fall now.

I am thinking...of change as a force in life, and wondering why I always crave it so badly. Money, and why I can't seem to handle it properly.

I am thankful for...beautiful things.

From the kitchen...I almost bought I Know How to Cook yesterday after seeing some of the illustrated page samples on a design blog. If I had ordered it before 10:30 am it would have been delivered through a new same-day delivery service that Amazon is offering in select cities. Oh, sweet temptation.

I am wearing...a dress with leggings. This was one trend that I just had to try out, and I love it. And, it makes me look thinner and taller. It's just too bad that I caught on at the tail end of it.

I am creating...a Blurb book for one friend, something special for another, scrapbook pages this weekend with Shorty, and plans for a fall activity at the house.

I am going...nowhere today, I'm on duty.

I am reading...The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I have never read a book like this before. It is re-teaching me philosophy without being about philosophy, and concurrently keeping me entertained and delighted.

I am hoping...for a chance to do something I really want to do, for snow, for a slow and quiet day.

I am drive through wet street. I think the sound of tires through water is my favorite sound in the world.

Around the house...the heat has finally been turned on. It's been in the low 40's lately, and that's mighty cold in the morning when you have tile floors.

One of my favorite skim milk. I just love skim milk.

A few plans for the rest of the week...fold laundry, write essays, organize photos...

A picture to share...

I am abnormally obsessed with leaves and acorns this year. I have only collected these leaves and one acorn thus far, but the season is still young. Perhaps I will become the crazy leaf lady, or maybe just an eccentric aunt who sends the children boxes of acorns for Christmas this year.


michelle said...

Skim milk, huh? I don't like milk. But to each her own!

LOVE the photo!

Jill said...

I haven't worn a dress with leggings since high school, I don't think I should attempt such a look now.

Your creating projects sound great, it's nice to have things like that in the works.

I love slow days at home.

Hmm, skim milk. That's what I buy for us at home, but I never drink it. I use soy milk.

I love the leaf picture and the thought of you being the eccentric aunt who sends acorns.

Sarah said...

I wore a dress with leggings today, too! I bet it was the same dress =)

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