Friday, October 2, 2009

:::The Source -- Is That What the Cool Kids Call It?:::

Last night the Shortness and I met up at Paper Source in Georgetown for a holiday card making workshop.

There were three stations that we rotated to throughout the night. Every table had a little place setting for each participant with a neat bundle of supplies and the correct tools to make two cards. We also received this *free* (the workshop was $25) garnet linen portfolio to store our cards in.

In total, we each made 6 cards that mainly used stamping and embossing techniques. Here's Shorty working on one of my favorite cards.

Nothing but stamping, embossing, and some scribbles with a white pen. Sometimes I forget that stamping goes beyond simple stamped images. There really is a lot that you can do with stamps, too bad they are so blame expensive!

This is one of the envelopes that I decorated at the second station.

I had our instructor write the message (Versamark marker with clear embossing powder) because I liked her handwriting so much.

During the breaks we enjoyed a small selection of cheeses, chocolate biscotti, and these delicious meringues that I just couldn't eat because the texture reminded me too much of astronaut ice cream and a very, very bad sensory experience I once had at Sea World.

That was random.

Anyhow, we were also given a coupon for 10% off an entire purchase, and at the end of the workshop they closed the store for us so that we could shop.

We finally left a little after 9:30 pm, and Shorty -- because she's a crazy New Yorker and unconcerned for her personal safety -- walked back to her office in Foggy Bottom to finish some work. I, of course, do I even need to tell you? Took a cab home.

It really was a lot of fun to do some organized crafting, and it was especially fun being there with Shorty. As we were shopping after the workshop wrapped up, one of the workers came over and told us that she loved our dynamic. Shorty had just pulled a piece of paper from the wracks and asked me if I thought she needed it. My immediate response was, 'No, you don't need it, put it back. Now.' I boss because I care.

If you have a Paper Source near you, sign up for one of their workshops. It's fun, they give you all the supplies and instructions, and you get to be creative without having to come up with a project from scratch.

I wish I could do crafts with friends in well-light, trendy spaces more often.


emilysuze said...

Oh organized crafts, how I love thee.

Sheans said...

For the love.... I miss things like that. You are one lucky woman.

You boss because you care. Priceless.

Jill said...

How dreamy, I love Paper Source!! I love the thought of having the store to myself to shop and I love the "free" supplies they gave you. How fun.

If you're interested in rubber stamps you should check ebay for great deals!

michelle said...

Jealous!! I do so love Paper Source.

Sarah said...

Wow. That looks like a wonderland. Love it!