Friday, October 23, 2009

:::You Inconvenience Me, Sir:::

On Wednesday I went to a library thing at the Department of Interior, which is on the opposite side of the White House from my office. I always cut across the South Lawn when I have to go there.

They were holding traffic on G, F, and Penn as I was walking past, and I couldn't make a clean cut across the South Lawn because it was barricaded off. Pourquoi? Something presidential, I guessed, but I kept walking because I didn't want to be late.

I did turn around when the motorcade went by to get this picture. Your president rides in one of these two tricked-out limos.

While this security helicopter patrols the streets from the sky to make sure no one is up to anything nefarious.

It was hot that day, and that annoyed me.

I had to walk across this field of freshly cut grass, and that annoyed me too. Grass makes me itch.

But the views weren't bad, so I took my favorite style of DC self-portrait. On my left we have the Washington Monument...

And on my right we have the White House.

On my way back it was still hot, and I still had to walk across that darn grass.

The press corps waits anxiously while I kept walking across that stinking grass in the hot heat. Can you spot the sniper?

And then I heard the big chopper and had a flashback to Nam.

The big man was traveling to New Jersey and he needed a ride.

The end.


MBC said...

I think the snipers on the white house should dress in white so they're more camouflage-y. Tell Barack next time you see him.

MBC said...
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Joie said...

I want to be up to something nefarious...but I'm too lazy.

Sheans said...

I agree with MBC. You should probably bring that up next time you're in the Oval Office.

Jill said...

Great title for this post!

I understand why there's such a hullabaloo when "he" travels, but it's really kind of crazy to see it all in action.

Sarah said...

Nam was bad. I have flashbacks sometimes, too.

Anonymous said...

love the hub-bub! enjoy this time!